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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Reverend M. R. Hill

Reverend M. R. Hill a native of Hubbard Texas is the founder and senior Pastor of The Living Word Church in Dallas Texas, located in the heart of Pleasant Grove. With over 12 years in Ministry, Rev M. R. Hill has chosen to never stop growing personally, vocationally or spiritually with his Alma Mater: D Edwin Johnson Theological Institute

Known for his uncompromising integrity and his trailblazing focus on relevance and reality, Reverend Hill brings God's word to life weekly with worship and praise through his continued commitment of improving and creating opportunities for others by his bold frank in-your-face delivery of God's word.  His mission is to set people free from the foundation-less formality of today's Church by focusing on Jesus Christ as the Chief Cornerstone

This is Rev. Hill second church as senior Pastor and he knows the importance of mentor ship and discipleship which provides creative leadership, guidance and spiritual direction for others. With his ambitious appetite for both educating and learning, his goal is equipping others to win souls for God's Kingdom.